We are a professional independent repair facility that provides personal and quality lawn mower and small engine repair services at a more affordable price to all of Crofton, Bowie and the surrounding areas. Our primary goal is excellent customer service at the best possible price. We strive to make sure that you have the best experience possible when dealing with our company. Our philosophy is to fix your equipment right the first time at a reasonable price and return your equipment back to you as soon as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions
*Please Read*

Q. How long will it take to get my equipment repaired?
A. For routine maintenance and minor breakdowns such as seasonal tune ups or broken belts, the turn around time in most cases is one week or less. For more major breakdowns or repairs it is normally two weeks or less. Note* Please understand that we do not have control over how long it takes for special ordered parts to arrive. This may extend repair times somewhat. 

Q. Do you work on my brand and/or model?
A. Yes! We proudly work on ALL brands and models. If it is operated by a small 2 or 4 cycle engine we can repair it for you! From weed trimmers to generators to snow blowers to riding mowers we can help you!

Q. Can I bring you my lawn mower or other equipment?
A. We found that having customers coming and going from the shop randomly throughout the day interferes with and consequently slows down our productivity. Therefore, all work performed at our facility is done by way of pick up and delivery only. This creates a work environment with minimal interruption and allows us to get your equipment back to you much faster. Most other reputable repair shops in the area are backed up 4 to 6 weeks during the busy season. Therefore, after careful consideration we were able to reduce our turnaround times to 1 to 2 weeks on average once we implemented this policy. All you have to do is simply call us and we'll take care of the rest for you!

Q. When do you perform pickup and deliveries?
A. We perform pick up and deliveries Monday through Thursday only. We do not perform pickups or deliveries if it is raining or snowing. If it happens to rain or snow on your scheduled pick up or delivery day you will be scheduled for the next dry delivery day.

Q. Can you tell me what time you will be at my home to pick up or deliver my equipment?
A. Unfortunately we cannot provide you with the exact time that we will arrive. All we can tell you is that we will  usually be there sometime between 9 am and 7 pm. We usually call you when we are on our way to your home.

Q. What if no one will be home when you come to pick up my mower?
A. Most customers are not home when we pickup or deliver equipment. All you have to do is simply leave your lawn mower or other equipment somewhere so that it is easily accessible for us to get to it. If your riding mower does not run, please leave it in your driveway so that we can back a trailer up to it so it can be winched onto the trailer.

Q. What if no one will be home on the scheduled delivery day?
A. Payment must be rendered either before or at the time of delivery. If no one will be home on the scheduled delivery day and you are planning on paying at time of delivery, please simply leave your check on or at the front or back door so that we can pick it up upon delivering your equipment. We will put your equipment wherever you would like it placed, (within reason). No equipment will be delivered without completion of payment.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. We accept cash, local checks and credit cards. Credit card payment transactions are taken by way of PayPal and is performed by way of email/internet.

If recommended repairs are declined by the customer for any reason after diagnoses the customer is responsible to pay for the hourly diagnostic fee and the round trip pickup and delivery fee.  Thank You.

Round Trip Pickup & Delivery Fees:

All Hand Operated Equipment:                                                            $24.95

Residential Riding Equipment:                                                             $49.95

Commercial Riding & Walk Behind Mowers:                                        $74.95

Pricing is per piece of equipment.

 Do NOT run your the fuel systems empty on any of your small engine equipment empty! ALWAYS use a fuel stabilizer treatment in all your lawn and garden equipment and fuel storage cans ALL year long! Then during the off season or extended down times, always start and run all of your equipment every few weeks for a few minutes. This helps to keep the fuel system free of harmful contaminants that can damage the carburetors on your equipment.


30 Day LIMITED Warranty whether you use your equipment or not, no exceptions. Please call or text immediately 24/7 with any issues or concerns. ALL warranty related concerns/issues must be diagnosed and repaired by us only. Any attempt to repair warranty related items on your own or by a third party VOIDS the warranty. The warranty applies to the person invoiced only and is not transferable. Always use fresh uncontaminated fuel! We do not recommend running your fuel systems empty. Instead, use a fuel stabilizer ALL year long and you MUST start and run your equipment at least every 3 weeks or more often for at least 5 minutes during the off season or extended down times. This is especially true for Snowblowers and Generators! Gasoline starts going bad within 30 days of manufacture NOT from date of purchase. Using gas over 30 days old without a stabilizer is not recommended. Store fuel containers out of the weather. Make sure they are sealed off completely! *The term "Rebuild" simply means to take apart and put back together in part or whole and does not in any way imply the use of new parts. Carburetors can go bad and leak fuel. Therefore, we always advise to keep fuel shut-off valves in the OFF position when not in use if so equipped. This is very important especially if you are storing your equipment inside an attached garage. Thank You!